PFI Plant

PFI Plant

Motors, transformers and other inductive loads require reactive power. Transmitting/distributing the reactive power from the power station to the loads is uneconomical. It impose undue burden on generators and transmission/ distribution system, causes additional losses, increases, voltage drop and the overall power requirement of the plant.
Economic and technical reasons thus make it expedient to relieve the generators, transmission/distribution system and able of reactive power. The automatically controlled capacitors. powermec power factor improvement (PFI) plant is well suited for this purpose.

We know that reactive loads such as inductors and capacitors dissipate zero power, yet the fact that they drop voltage and draw current gives the deceptive impression that they actually do dissipate power. This “phantom power” is called reactive power, and it is measured in a unit called Volt-Amps-Reactive (VAR), rather than watts.

Equipment Standard

SL no. Equipment Brand Country of Origin
1 Capacitor Epcos Germany
2 Magnetic Contactor HYUNDAI Korea
3 Reactive Power Controller (Relay) Mikro Malaysia

Other technical facilities      

  • High reliability and performance
  • Suitable Design
  • Easy  and smart Operation
  • Easy Cable wiring system
  • Good out looking, Safe and Dust Proof Cashing.
  • Standard Clearance
  • Air Ventilation
  • Extra Cooling system (Exit Fan)
  • Standard Internal Structure  

Main feature of our Panel
Metal frame:  MS Sheet.
Paint:  Powder coating (Siemens gray) at high temperature
Bus bar: Required rating hard drawn copper bus bar (KA)
Cable: BRB or Eastern NYY Cable, 600/1000Volts (Black)
Specification: Plain annealed copper conductor, PVC Insulated and PVC Sheathed Single cable. Suitable use for indoors, outdoors, underground and water for continuous permissible service voltage of 720/1200V.

Safety Proper Earth (Grounding), Bus bar is in standard secured position, Internal power protection against electrical, mechanical and thermal stress.

Note: We always give client’s priority about their brand choice.Design has to be changed in special order.