About us

About us

Powermec Technology is an Electrical sub-station company in Bangladesh. We manufacture, supply, installation & commission L.T & H.T switchgear, PFI plant, Distribution Transformers, Lighting & Power Bus bar systems. We also supply, install & commission Programmable LT CT Metering Unit, HT Metering unit (HT Meter), Solar System. We provide Any Kind of Cabling Works, Project Engineering & Consultancy, All Kind of Electrical Plant Installation, Supply all Kind of Electrical goods with Accessories.

Powermec Technology has a long-term vision to be the best and largest power engineering company of Bangladesh by dint of quality product, professional deal and superior after sales support. Powermec Technology believes on the philosophy that customers are the best referrers for the vendors. If we can satisfy our valued customers then they will speak for us. With the blessing of our satisfied customers Powermec Technology dreams to cross the national boundaries to face the global competition by professional intelligence, technical up gradation and business commitment.

Powermec Technology Product Specialty are Panel is equipped by world class brand equipment, High reliability and performance, Suitable and Compact Design, Easy  and smart Operation, Easy Cable wiring system, Good out looking, Safe and Dust Proof Cashing., Standard Clearance Air Ventilation, Extra Cooling system (Exit Fan), Standard Internal Structure, Panel is painted by powder coating

Power Mec Technology focuses on the customer’s demand with appropriate products and solutions as well as services.

Powermec Technology expanded its activities as a manufacturer total package solution provider of electrical distribution and industrial control equipment in the field of Energy.