HT Switch Gear

High Tension Switch gear

High Tension Switchgear equipped with Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB), Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) & Load Break Switch (LBS), and confirm to IEL, BS, VDE, DIN & ANSI standard. They are designed in co-ordination to over voltage due to lightning & transients for highest system voltage of 12 KV & current rating from 630A to 1250A. The Panel Boards are made of strong sheet steel at all sides with iron angles & channels weeded together. They are painted in accordance with general practice and recognized methods to meet the tropical conditions at site. Potential transformer (PT), Current Transformer (CT), Earthing Switch, The main unit & other components are imported from America, Germany, France, Italy, UK & Japan or as per the choice of the valued customers.

In application of new concept mechanism of bendable type blade structure Air Insulated Load Break Switch (LBS) has been equipped with further advanced technology and in a system switching the circuits when checking, measuring, testing and repairing the instruments. At branch point with 3 phase load break switch designed customer-oriented and considerably. In particular, a bendable type blade structure is significantly small in operation radius in contrast with existing direct line one and an arc discharge angle at the time of breaking operation is under 50°, thereby reducing the danger of accident by an arc remarkably. And it is suitable for a metal Enclosed, Pad-Mounted Switchgear and Package Substation thanks to higher insulation-resistant power and is equipped with durability, stability and economic efficiency. E2 class mechanical strength based on new standard application.