LT CT Meter

PowerMec believes in providing information to consumer & power Supplier in fastest manner through various channels to ensure revenue on time and information to consumer about consumption on real time basis. Most power distribution companies are facing major challenges in recovering electricity dues on time, and on the other hand consumer face challenges in not getting actual information about energy consumption pattern and justification of energy bills. Electrical Infrastructure equipped with smart IT infrastructure, creates together smart prepaid / postpaid energy metering system.

The solution provides efficient information system in the home to consumer through home Energy Monitoring & Control unit. Informage has developed a unique detachable keypad based / contactless Prepaid Energy Meter with wired / wireless Home display unit which acts as a direct interface between power distribution companies and the consumers.

Ai??Shopping Malls & Commercial Complexes
Ai??Gated residential societies / Residential apartments
Ai??Government Residential buildings

System Components:Ai??
1.Ai??Energy Meter –Ai??Single Phase / Three Phase / CT operated
2. Home Display Unit (Wired / Wireless optional)
3. Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) cum Modem with Repeaters
4. Prepaid Cloud based Vending and Monitoring System

Consumers Benefits:
Ai??Energy Cost Containment and Improved Quality of Service
Ai??Dynamic Rate Plans/Price Incentive, Visibility to Energy usage
Ai??Direct web based access for power monitoring

System Components:Ai??
Derive Automation –Ai??Lower Operational Cost, Increase Efficiency.
Greater Visibility and Control over the Installed Network and usage pattern
More accurate Regional energy demand forecasts
Dynamically plan Energy Demand Response Programs

Benefits to Regulators and policy makers :
Improved Customer Satisfaction, Resource Planning, higher transparency

Unique features:Ai??
Ai??User friendly Keypad Based/Contactless Prepaid Energy Meter Solution
Ai??Home Display Unit to customer for monitoring/recharging with live balances
Ai??Optional Integration of Gas & Water meters and home automation products extending the flexibility for the user to budget their expenses
Ai??Separate load Limits for DG/EB Tripping & consumption at pre-determined set point for protection and effective use of energy along with monthly financial planning
Ai??History of consumption for analysis
Ai??Direct current measurement up to 60A / 100A / LT CT for 1 or 3 phase measurements
Ai??Charging the meter with credit revenue through secured encrypted codes
Ai??Additional Triple-DES encryption to provide better and secure transmission
Ai??Avoid Human Intervention in meter charging by Internet charging system
Ai??Demand Side Management helping in reducing Power breakdowns and interruptions
Ai??Peak Load Management – Increased system Stability
Ai??Implementation of TOU/TOD Manage revenue during peak
Ai??Demand Forecast helping on stabilizing the Power generation scheduling
Ai??Reduction of Transmission & Distribution Losses
Ai??Prepayment System ai??i?? Better Cash Flow and accurate forecast for DISCOMS

General Features:Ai??
Ai??Meter with accuracy class 1.0 & 0.5
Ai??Compliance with Indian Standard / IEC standards / DLMS
Ai??Displays & Records major Electrical parameters
Ai??Programmable Time of Use ( TOU/ TOD) metering
Ai??Event logging of tampers and cover open detection
Ai??Bill point registers storage up to last 12 months
Ai??LED indications for Calibration and Meter status
Ai??Built-in battery for meter reading in absence of mains
Ai??High immunity to magnetic influence and ESD
Ai??Sealing provisions for meter cover & base and terminal cover
Ai??Optical /IrDA/ RS 232 /RS 485 Communication for meter reading
Ai??Programmable load profile for 15 / 30 / 60 minute interval for Electrical Parameters
Ai??LCD with backlit for display of measured parameters with legends and for tamper indications
Ai??Optional Additional comm. ports LPR / GSM / GPRS / Zig bee for Remote Meter Reading